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Artist Testimonials

Take a look at what some of the leading Brass & Woodwind Artists had to say about my work.

Philippe Schartz

Principal Trumpet BBC National Orchestra of Wales Principal Trumpet Solistes Européens Luxembourg

Stephen is an amazing instrument technician, simply one of the BEST I have ever met! As a professional musician, I completely trust him with his magical hands and also appreciate his common sense advise so that the instruments sound at their Best. Always!!

Nigel Hitchcock

Saxophonist & Composer

Stephen has a profound knowledge and understanding for the saxophone, his technical wizardry at setting up horns to perform optimally whilst allowing for the playing style of the individual makes him invaluable.

Bobby Shew

Trumpet Artist / Clinician / Educator - Yamaha Artist

I recently had the great opportunity to share some horn tweaking with Stephen Adcock and I was very impressed by his deep knowledge of various techniques in adjusting and balancing the “blow” of various instruments. I must say, I learned quite a lot from watching him handle the tweaking process. His skills are of great importance and value to any wind musician, anywhere. Thank you, Stephen.

Katrina Marzella

Solo Baritone Horn

I worked closely with Stephen during the development of the Yamaha Neo Baritone Horn, in which he made a significant contribution to the success of this wonderful instrument. His technical knowledge and skill with brass instruments is excellent; yet he remained sensitive to my needs, concerns and experiences as an artist and performer throughout the development process, from conception to launch. Stephen is the consummate professional and was a pleasure to work with in every way.

George Shelby


One of the worst things that can happen to a touring musician is to have an instrument damaged while out on the road. My tenor sax had fallen from the top of a pile of horns and been bounced around the back of a van quite severely. Stephen took the horn to his hotel room and worked for the next few hours on it. When he was finished, it not only played, it played better than it ever had. I am forever grateful to Stephen for keeping my horns in top shape on that tour, and allowing me to take the stage with confidence. Thank you Stephen.

Michael Collins MBE

Clarinettist & Conductor

I have known Stephen for 7 years when I moved over to Yamaha CSG clarinets. This was the first time in my professional life I felt that I could call at any time with technical issues and have it sorted without fuss and always immediately. His knowledge and care over each issue no matter how big or small was such a joy and I felt confident with his expert handling of my instruments. It is with thanks and gratitude that I had the courage to switch over to a completely new way of playing with the CSG and I haven’t looked back since. In my view Stephen is one of a kind and totally reliable and professional. I owe him a lot!

Pete Long

Freelance musician & Band Leader, MD for Ronnie Scott’s Big Band

Stephen is a real scientist- as well as having an outstanding historical and technical command of all the different brands of all the different kinds of wind instrument, his broad grasp of physics and acoustics means that your instrument comes back to you working better than it did when you bought it.

Craig Wild

Freelance Trumpet/Flugel, Strictly Come Dancing Band

Stephen’s repair work is exceptional; he’s also carried out customisation on several mouthpieces which I still use daily. Stephen has exceptional technical skills with instruments & a huge understanding about the relationship between player & instrument set-up.

Richard Bissill

Principal Horn of the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

As a Yamaha artist I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen over many years and I can highly recommend his work. He has a thorough knowledge of how brass instruments work and are constructed. He has always been willing to help with my experiments concerning adjustments to sound and resistance and has amazed me with his tricks of the trade! His technical skill and attention to detail regarding repairs and modifications is second to none.

Nicholas Carpenter

Professor of Clarinet, Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Orchestral and Chamber musician, Soloist.

As is always the case when changing instruments, there are a number of tiny but very important adjustments which need to be made before one is completely comfortable. Stephen took immense care, firstly listening to my thoughts, and then translating those thoughts to make my clarinets what they are at the moment. This included adjusting pad heights, shortening barrels, supplying tuning rings and making minute adjustments to tone holes. All was done with expertise, skill, care, a love of the product and above all, I was never made to feel as if anything was too much trouble. I now have two pairs of these Yamahas and because of Stephen's care, it is difficult to tell them apart. I can unreservedly recommend him and his artistry working with woodwind instruments and in particular, Clarinets.

Rex Richardson

Trumpet Artist

Stephen Adcock is something of a wizard. I’ve always been knocked out by his easy, can-do attitude, more than matched by the requisite skill to back it up. He’s done wonders with my horns even whilst away from his shop, saving more than one performance for me!

Sarah Markham

Leeds College of Music, Huddersfield University and Royal College of Music. Educator and Performer.

Stephen Adcock is a highly skilled technician with an in-depth knowledge of the saxophone. His depth of technical knowledge and openness to new ideas ensures he is always at the forefront of instrument design. As an artist I have always felt confident and proud of the Yamaha saxophone and have felt valued and respected when working with Stephen. Stephen explains how and why an instrument is designed the way it is and he has personally tweaked my saxophone to make sure I am completely happy with it. His integrity ensures his work is of the highest standard and he is only satisfied when the customer is happy.

Dave Bishop

Freelance musician, Strictly Come Dancing Band

As a saxophone and woodwind freelance session musician, who has been Yamaha's saxophone endorsee for years, I have found Stephen to be an amazing support in many ways. His technical ability in the repairing and setting up of instruments is second to none. I have also done a lot of design and development work with Stephen and his attention to detail in this area is outstanding. I have found his ability at crafting and customising specific things such as different shape thumb rests in different materials, as an example, incredible. He is thoroughly professional and innovative and I have enjoyed greatly my time spent with him at Yamaha. I would like to wish Stephen the greatest success.

Simon Gresswell

Tuba Artist & Conductor

I was asked to get involved with Yamaha in 2005 to be the lead development artist when designing the new Yamaha Neo BBb tuba. I found Stephen's technical skills and ability on the tools beyond reproach. He has real understanding what a player wants and needs from an instrument. As you could imagine I had numerous requests and modifications to make to the prototype and it was never a problem for Steve. I could explain what I wanted but I needed a technician to understand what I was saying, Steve had all the ability and insight to understand my requirements. Whenever I received an instrument back from modification it was spotless and he had made sure it was set up and ready to go. I have no problem in recommending Steve Adcock as one of the very best technicians I have ever dealt with.

Gareth Mollison

Horn Player - London Philharmonic

It’s been great to have Stephen to help with my two horns. As a performer I find I’m often seeking potential without knowing if it can be achieved. Stephen would listen to my ideas then get me to play to him. I’d question if changes to the horn could improve tone in a certain area. Usually I’d be looking for more depth to my sound without it becoming dull. He’d take the horn away to make changes and modifications. Then return, “try this” and I'd have a new horn. I guess it’s about knowing where to adjust. Stephen also took all the ‘steps’ out of a lead pipe to see if it made a difference. It did. People have asked to buy the horn Stephen adapted for me. Talk to him, he can help.